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Matters needing attention in paper cup design.


1. Brand and health are both important
The design of advertising paper cups should stand at the height of brand building. The paper cup design should be based on the brand, grasp the key points of brand expression, and play an effective advertising role. In addition, when the paper cup is used, the lips will touch a certain position of the cup mouth, and the organic compounds, isopropanol, glazing paint and other chemical substances in the paper cup production process will enter the body together and affect the health of the body. So get close and don't print anything on the top edge of the cup.

2. Product personality and quality coexist
Effective paper cup production is a concentrated expression of the characteristics of the company, and the eye-catching corporate logo on the paper cup is the best publicity for the company. While promoting the corporate image, pay attention to the quality of paper cups, because high-quality paper cups are another display window of corporate strength. It is very important to ensure hygiene and quality in each process of paper cup production. The paper used in inferior paper cups is very thin and easily deforms the cup body. Poor heat insulation will cause hot water to burn hands, which poses a big safety hazard and indirectly. Affect the corporate image.

3. Distinguish between cold drink cups and hot drink paper cups

Paper cups need to be distinguished between cold drink cups and paper drinking cups, and separate use is better for health. In fact, cold drink cups and hot drink cups have their own functions. The surface of cold drink paper cups must be treated with wax spraying or soaking. When the temperature is between 0 and 5 degrees, this wax is very safe, but as long as the temperature of the water exceeds 62 When the temperature is too high, the wax will melt, and the paper cup will absorb water and deform. The melted paraffin wax contains high impurities. It enters the human body with the beverage, which will endanger human health. The surface of the hot drink paper cup will be pasted with a special film recognized by the country, which is not only heat-resistant, but also non-toxic. In addition, paper cups should be stored in a ventilated, cool, dry and non-polluting space. The storage period should generally not exceed two years from the date of production. 

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